Whitening Pudenda

leykansi aidoiouThe purpose of the whitening pudenda is the permanent results from the dark color of the area of the lips of the pudenda or even better of the perineum, which many times if it does not exist from genetics reasons it can be result of hormonal changes, age or delivery.

This situation is annoying for the woman and her partner too. This brand-new method gives the certainty of the coloration that is satisfying you, even though you do not have in your mind any idea of the lighter.

The method has impressed and permanent results. For the procedure is be used the latest generation Laser and it is completed in 3 sessions. The duration of each session is 30-45 minutes.

The use of the Laser can remove the layer of the melanin which is the reason of the undesirable dark color. The therapy is done with local anesthesia. After the Laser’s appliance you should be careful with the treatment and with the hygiene of the area, also you should have sexual contact for about 7 days. The results are permanent and very impressive.