Acne is a dermatologic ailment, which concerns 9 out of ten people during puberty, and not only them. It concerns the inflammation of the sebaceous glands and is located mainly on areas such as the face, the back and the forehead. The causes leading to acne vary, more than often it is due to hormonal factors, diet and stress. The fact that there is a major peak of the incidents during exam period is not unrelated. It has also been observed that symptoms subside in the summer period. 

Nevertheless, there is a small percentage of patients, about 20%, which show signs of deterioration during the summer period. Acne commonly appears in girls aged 14-17 and boys aged 16-19. 

There are of course cases concerning particularly women when acne may appear during adulthood. The most serious form of acne is Cystic Acne, which mainly appears in men and in these cases we have the appearance of cysts leading to permanent scarring.

For mild forms of acne, medical treatment in some cases supplemented with micro-crystal cleansing and peeling is usually prescribed. The practice of squeezing pimples is strictly forbidden, since it leads to aggravation of the condition. Encouragingly, it is possible to restrict the appearance of scars that may be caused by acne (Common or Cystic) and even to completely eliminate them with the use of contemporary methods.