Georgia Drimoura has participated in all the major conferences held both in Greece and abroad since 1999, so as to be up to date for whatever new appears in the fields of Dermatology, Aphrodisiology and Aesthetic Dermatology.

Some of the conferences she has attended in the last years are:

  • Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference
    Dubai Derma: Congress, 2014 in Dubai (as a speaker)
    Dubai Derma: Congress, 2013 in Dubai (as a speaker)
  • European Academy Dermatology Venology
    EADV: Congress, 2000 in Geneva
    EADV: Congress, 2001 in Munich
    EADV: Congress, 2002 in Prague
    EADV: Congress, 2003 in Barcelona
    EADV: Congress, 2004 in Florence
    EADV: Congress, 2005 in London
    EADV: Congress, 2006 in Rhodes
    EADV: Congress, 2007 in Vienna
    EADV: Congress, 2008 in Paris
    EADV: Congress, 2009 in Berlin
    EADV: Congress, 2010 in Gothenborg
    2011: Athens
  • American Academy Dermatology Venology
    65th AADV Annual Meeting 2-6 February 2007, Washington DC
    67th AADV Annual Meeting 6-10 March 2009, San Francisco, California
    68th AADV Annual Meeting 5-9 March 2010, Miami Beach, Florida
  • International Master Course in Aging Skin
    IMCAS: Annual Meeting 8-11 January 2010, Paris
    IMCAS: Annual Meeting 6-9 January 2011, Paris
    IMCAS: Annual Meeting 26-29 January 2012, Paris
  • Anti-aging Medicine World Congress
    9th AMWC 2011, Monte Carlo
    10th AMWC 2012, Monte Carlo