Hyperhidrosis is the abnormally increased secretion of sweat at a pathogenic level and the causes can be hereditary, hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders, etc. Hyperhidrosis is usually observed at the armpits, palms and foot soles. The consequences of that condition influence all the fields of life of the patient. It is very common for patients suffering from hyperhidrosis to face problems on professional, social and psychological levels. This is the reason why numerous methods of dealing with the problem were applied in the past (surgical removal of sweat glands etc) but to no substantial result. The problem of hyperhidrosis is now resolved in a simple and painless way with the infusion of Botulinum Toxin type A (Botox) on the area.

Armpit Hyperhidrosis: The treatment of Armpit Hyperhidrosis is now a simple process which can be completed in a single session.

Before applying Botox on the area a specific examination of the area is carried out for the treatment to be more effective. The application of the therapy does not last long and the patient feels no particular discomfort during this application. Nevertheless, after concluding the treatment, the patient is to avoid intense physical activity for 24 hours at least. The patient should also avoid intense friction on the point during washing.

Palm Hyperhidrosis: Palm Hyperhidrosis can be characterized as the most annoying form of hyperhidrosis since it is the most obvious. Of course there now exists a solution to this problem with the use of Botox on the specific area. The results of this treatment last up to 8 months after application. One of the advantages of this treatment is the ease of application of it and the fact that it is not a form of invasive method. When this treatment is applied there exists the possibility of observing some difficulty in the performance of minor moves, a symptom which subsides within the first 24 hours.

Foot sole Hyperhidrosis: Foot sole Hyperhidrosis should be tackled immediately as it can cause very serious problems to the hygiene of feet. In this case as in these of Palm and Armpit Hyperhidrosis the treatment is now a simple process which includes the application of Botox on the area. In this case the patient can perform his everyday duties immediately after the completion of the treatment. Like the Palm and Armpit Hyperhidrosis the results last for 6 to 8 months and the patient does not feel any particular discomfort.