It is well known that eyes and their expressions are probably the most important characteristics of the face and they reflect our emotions (joy, sorrow, etc), our physical condition (tiredness, stress) and particularly our age.


In most cases the first and most significant signs of aging appear on that particular area. The individuals who suffer from loosening of complexion in the areas over or below the eyelids such as “bags under the eyes” and intense wrinkling at the “crow’s foot” look tired and the face reflects an age older than the actual.


Until recently the problem was resolved through Surgical Blepharoplasty, which involves some well known restrictions, such as:
  • It is an invasive method
  • It requires up to general anaesthesia 
  • It involves risks as it remains a surgical procedure
  • Recuperation time is extended
  • Bruises appear
  • There is a chance of hemorrhage
  • The shape of the eyes changes
  • Ectropion
  • Swelling may last up to six months
  • Finally, it should be noted that the treatment is quite costly

Contemporary Resolution is Plasma Energy which overcomes all the above restrictions through the new Blepharoplasty techniques without incisions so that everyone can have the appearance they deserve, easily, fast, painlessly and particularly safely.


Plasma Energy offers the possibility of tackling problems such as skin loosening, intense and deep wrinkles, dyschromia (hyper or hypopigmentation), skin patches and general signs of photoageing and even removal of tattoos. The specific technique is not something new in medical science as it has been applied in general surgery and specifically orthopedic surgery as well as dental surgery for decades. However, it evolved in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology as well in recent years.

Advantages of Plasma Blepharoplasty

  • The results are immediately visible
  • The results are permanent
  • The results are, usually, more impressive than those of classic surgery
  • Painless treatment (local anesthesia is provisional)
  • It can be performed in a properly equipped Dermatologic Surgery by a trained Dermatologist
  • Particularly time-efficient application since no more than 15 minutes are required for completion
  • After treatment the patient immediately resumes his/her daily routine without a problem
  • Recuperation time is minimal and lasts from 7 to 10 days
  • Particularly mild symptoms

It should be underlined to all interested in undergoing the procedure that the doctor they elect should have the necessary training and experience.


In my experience during the application of this treatment a lot of patients had been considering proceeding with surgical Blepharoplasty for years in order to regain the desirable looks but hesitated due to risk and cost. Now, of course, with the use of Plasma, Blepharoplasty has become a speedy, effective and painless treatment which is affordable to all who wish to eliminate the signs of tiredness and aging from their face and regain young appearance without the risks, side effects, and difficulties of surgical procedures.

Botox can be defined, not unjustifiably, as the most popular non-invasive treatment in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. It concerns a toxin (botulinum toxin) which has been used in medicine as a remedy mainly for the neutralization of muscles for quite a few decades. In Aesthetic Medicine, Botox mainly aims at elimination or decrease of wrinkle intensity.


What is the process of application of Botox? Before application: It is necessary to carry out an extensive discourse between the doctor and the individual so that every single case can be evaluated properly.

Application: Botox application can be performed in small successive injections on the area we want to improve. The injections themselves do not cause any particular discomfort when applied since an anesthetic ointment can be used beforehand. For better results it is recommended that the use be fulfilled in two sessions, a primary one and a supplementary one two weeks later, so that the organism can react better to treatment. Each of the treatments lasts for about 15 minutes.

After treatment: After treatment the skin becomes red and mildly swollen, symptoms which subside within 5-6 hours. Massaging of the area should be avoided after treatment, as this may cause relocation of the substance. Finally, the patient should not work out for 24 hours.


At which age should I undergo Botox? Botox is a treatment which is mainly preventive. This means that with proper application some wrinkles will not appear. For example, for ages 30-40 in cases when the individual wishes to prevent the appearance of a wrinkle which due to heredity or other reasons is inevitable he/she achieves complete avoidance of it. Botox also responds as well for individuals of 40-60 years old where it intervenes and rectifies. The aim in this case is the elimination of wrinkles, which is achieved to a great extent since wrinkles have not established yet a permanent form. Finally, individuals aged 60-80 can ameliorate the sight of their wrinkles, even the ones which, through the years, have gained depth and intensity.


How often should I practise Botox and how lasting is it? Both the frequency and the duration of Botox differ among individuals. The results are obvious usually after the third day of application and up to 5-7 months later. Thus it is advisable for Botox to be applied 2-3 times a year. In cases when the organism has got used to the substance it is recommended that it is combined with other substances such as Hyaluronic acid or Fillers.


Is the process of applying Botox safe? Yes. The application of Botox aims at relaxing the muscles which cause wrinkles. When applied by a trained doctor (Dermatologist or alternatively Plastic Surgeon) in a properly developed area (Surgery) it is considered an absolutely safe process.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance which preexists in our organism and is responsible for the creation of collagen which grants youthful sight and elasticity to our complexion. More specifically it is a hydrophilic protein which is widely used both in Aesthetic Medicine and in Ophthalmology and other fields of medicine. 


Purposes of Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid offers the possibility of achieving different results according to the concentration we choose to use. For example the use of a thin concentration in therapies such as Mesotherapy offers a fresh, rejuvenated and youthful face. In average density the application of hyaluronic aims at combating light and shallow wrinkles. Such wrinkles are the “crow’s feet”, and the wrinkles of the smoker.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an innovative method which has been used in medicine for many years and it has been observed that with the aid of growth factors the replenishment and rejuvenation of cells is enhanced. 

Aesthetic Dermatology can, through this method and specifically through the mesotherapy treatment with PRP, achieve a youthful result on areas such as the face and neck simply using platelets of the patient himself.

Peelings are not a modern method in aesthetic dermatology. Nevertheless there is a constant development of the previous so as to avoid difficulties which patients who chose this method were faced with in the past. A patient can resume his/her routine without restriction after a peeling treatment nowadays. 


Peelings are divided into categories such as Glycolic, TCA, Blue and Yellow peeling, according to each individual’s case, the composure of the complexion and the desirable result.

Melasma (skin patch) is a concern of many people regardless of type or colour of skin. It specifically concerns the discolorations observed locally at some points of the body as well as the face. The reasons they appear vary from one individual to another as the development of the problem. Of course there exist many methods for the treatment of Melasma.


The Doctor is to judge which is the proper treatment for every individual according to the extent of the problem and the structure of the complexion. Methods such as Peelings, Laser, etc are available by aesthetic dermatology to deal with every discoloration of the face or body which bothers us.

One of the main characteristics of ageing is loosening of the skin, particularly the complexion which is more sensitive. Particular areas such as the rim of the face, eyelids, neck are areas where the first signs of loosening appear.


The Facial Skin Tightening Treatments with Laser last only 30 minutes, are well tolerated, exceptionally safe and offer solution to that problem. They can in themselves form complete treatment for mild cases or for individuals who do not wish an intense therapy or in combination with other methods such as the use of Botox or Hyaluronic acid in more serious cases.


Facial Skin Tightening Treatment with Laser includes the creation of new collagen and elastin molecules through an innovative process of deflection of the classic Laser beam so as to create the proper lattice of minute beams for best result. The results of the method are the restoration of the elasticity of the complexion, the enhancement of facial rim through the creation of new tissues in the deeper layer of the complexion.


Finally, the results of this treatment are directly visible and as long as it does not affect the outer layer of the complexion, the individual can resume his/her routine immediately without any sign of the imposed treatment.

Dark circles are a very common incidence which concerns 9 out 10 people. The reason of their appearance in the majority of people is that the causes creating them are many and variable, such as heredity, allergic dermatitis, age, lifestyle, anemia, etc. In essence dark circles are a uniform hyperpigmentation in the area of the eyes. Until a few years back there was no permanent solution to that problem.


Recently though, Aesthetic Dermatology in combination with Classic Medicine offer a solution to that problem as well. The first step to dealing with the problem of dark circles is for the Doctor to receive a complete medical record from the patient so as to diagnose the cause of their creation. After the record has been obtained and the Doctor has come to a conclusion regarding the causes of their creation the most proper method of dealing with them can be proposed. Even in cases when the cause of dark circles is iron-deficiency anemia it would be advisable that apart from the treatment the Doctor should offer iron supplements, so as to combine a treatment of eliminating dark circles. 


Such treatments are Mesotherapy, the use of special type of Peeling, Laser therapy, therapy with bleaching factors and of course a combination of the above. It is obvious that the choice of method or methods for the elimination of dark circles is individualized and alternates according to each case.

Dilated pores can appear both in young and old ages. It is mainly about loosening of complexion in the area and usually the cause is over-secretion of sebum, hormonal alterations, dehydration of the skin, photoageing, etc. Individually and according to the quality of complexion, the age and other factors, the Doctor proposes the best treatment method.


This is usually a combination of micro-crystal, hydration, skin tightening with the use of Laser treatment. In any case we refer to a combining treatment which aims at eliminating this phenomenon which concerns men and women of all ages in a few sessions.

Facial Depilation with Laser is the best method for removal of undesirable hair growth from areas such as the upper lip, the cheeks, the chin and the eyebrows.


The advantages of this method are that it offers smooth and soft complexion without skin patches, infections, folliculitis, loosening of the skin, etc which all the other depilation methods cause.


The major advantage of the Laser induced depilation is that the results are permanent. As the face is a fully hormone dependent area, it is possible that some areas may require more sessions compared to some areas of the body.

Micro-crystal therapy is a therapy of revitalization of the skin through the uniform elimination of the dead cells and excess sebus from the complexion in a controlled environment. It is not a simple Peeling in the sense that a specific micro-crystal device is applied.


The difference lies with the fact that this therapy activates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This method specifically ensures the production of new cells and the amelioration of microcirculation of the blood in the area. It’s a wonderful alternative for people who wish to revitalize their complexion without employing a very intense therapy since it is actually so natural a treatment that when it is completed the individual can apply any kind of make-up and continue with his/her everyday routine. This therapy is recommended both for young complexions, for better, deeper and more uniform cleansing as well as for older complexions for radiance and revitalization.


The micro-crystal therapy is applied always in combination with a hydration therapy for better results. It is actually recommended that the crystal therapy should precede  Mesotherapy  because it is in this way that perfect conditions for the complexion are developed so as to absorb the substances of Mesotherapy in such a way as to achieve the maximum potential result. 

Contrary to what can be derived from their name (mesoderm), Mesotherapies are no longer carried out on the middle layer of the skin but according to the needs of each case, substances and their ratios ( poly-vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals, etc) the quantity of the substance and the level of infusion are chosen. 


What characterizes Mesotherapy is the multiple micro-infusions of proper substances on the skin so that the appropriate distribution and dispersion can be achieved. There is no restriction concerning the areas on which we can apply Mesotherapy, they can be major or minor on the face or on the body.


Mesotherapy comprises a speedy and relatively painless process. Specifically the combination of anaesthetic ointment and exceptionally fine injections which are used renders it a practically painless process. The results of Mesotherapy are deep hydration, elimination of fine wrinkles and acne flaws.


The complexion also appears profoundly more radiant, elastic and the appearance and texture of the skin in all is ameliorated. These results are instantly visible, as this method requires a minimal recuperation period of only a few hours and the individual can immediately follow his/her everyday routine.