It is well known that eyes and their expressions are probably the most important characteristics of the face and they reflect our emotions (joy, sorrow, etc), our physical condition (tiredness, stress) and particularly our age.

In most cases the first and most significant signs of aging appear on that particular area. The individuals who suffer from loosening of complexion in the areas over or below the eyelids such as “bags under the eyes” and intense wrinkling at the “crow’s foot” look tired and the face reflects an age older than the actual.

Until recently the problem was resolved through Surgical Blepharoplasty, which involves some well known restrictions, such as:
  • It is an invasive method
  • It requires up to general anaesthesia 
  • It involves risks as it remains a surgical procedure
  • Recuperation time is extended
  • Bruises appear
  • There is a chance of hemorrhage
  • The shape of the eyes changes
  • Ectropion
  • Swelling may last up to six months
  • Finally, it should be noted that the treatment is quite costly

Contemporary Resolution is Plasma Energy which overcomes all the above restrictions through the new Blepharoplasty techniques without incisions so that everyone can have the appearance they deserve, easily, fast, painlessly and particularly safely.

Plasma Energy offers the possibility of tackling problems such as skin loosening, intense and deep wrinkles, dyschromia (hyper or hypopigmentation), skin patches and general signs of photoageing and even removal of tattoos. The specific technique is not something new in medical science as it has been applied in general surgery and specifically orthopedic surgery as well as dental surgery for decades. However, it evolved in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology as well in recent years.

Advantages of Plasma Blepharoplasty

  • The results are immediately visible
  • The results are permanent
  • The results are, usually, more impressive than those of classic surgery
  • Painless treatment (local anesthesia is provisional)
  • It can be performed in a properly equipped Dermatologic Surgery by a trained Dermatologist
  • Particularly time-efficient application since no more than 15 minutes are required for completion
  • After treatment the patient immediately resumes his/her daily routine without a problem
  • Recuperation time is minimal and lasts from 7 to 10 days
  • Particularly mild symptoms

It should be underlined to all interested in undergoing the procedure that the doctor they elect should have the necessary training and experience.

In my experience during the application of this treatment a lot of patients had been considering proceeding with surgical Blepharoplasty for years in order to regain the desirable looks but hesitated due to risk and cost. Now, of course, with the use of Plasma, Blepharoplasty has become a speedy, effective and painless treatment which is affordable to all who wish to eliminate the signs of tiredness and aging from their face and regain young appearance without the risks, side effects, and difficulties of surgical procedures.