Hair loss is a unisex problem. Through the progress of biotechnology and the evolution in the field of medicine this unresolved to date problem can be tackled. There is a number of methods to deal with hair loss such as the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Method. Digital Hair Follicle Mapping (Phototrichogram) can also be of aid.

PRP Treatment Method: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment Method is a contemporary method of excellent results both in cases of existing hair loss as well as in cases where it is recommended for preventive reasons. More specifically, it concerns a process during which blood sampling from the patient is performed in order for the individual’s blood to be used for the treatment, which renders the treatment highly safe. Then, with the use of centrifugation, platelets are extracted as well as plasma which are rich in natural growth factors. Finally, after the necessary processing of the material taken from the patient himself, infusion on the ailing area is performed so as to allow the growth factors to act and precipitate the reactivation of the hair follicles. This method is also applied in aesthetic dermatology, in order to revitalize tissues throughout the face (Mesotherapy applying PRP Method) as well as in particular areas.

Digital Hair Follicle Mapping (Phototrichogram)Digital Hair Follicle Mapping is extremely contributory in the process of diagnosing and treating hair loss. More specifically, through this method we are enabled to precisely diagnose the type of alopecia and the causes of hair loss so that proper treatment can be applied. The process of this examination includes the electronic recording of hairs throughout their life cycle, thus we can monitor the course of the treatment and the response level of the organism with precision.

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