The absolute weapon against local fat is Cryolipolysis.


It is a new method removes fat from areas such as the abdomen, the thighs and the buttocks by destroying fat cells through their exposure to extremely low temperatures to which they cannot survive, die and are expelled from the body. 


During the therapy the patient feels a few minute discomfort of the intense frost at the spot which is being treated, a sensation which subsides in the next 5 minutes. The major advantage of this method is that the results are permanent and requires from one to maximum three sessions. It is also a non invasive treatment which does not affect “neighbouring” tissues. The results are immediately visible and local fat is eliminated as well as cellulite regardless of the level and stage of its development.


Thus it is well understood that Cryolipolysis is the future of Lipodialysis and Liposculpture rendering methods such as Liposuction dangerous and appropriate only for particular cases.

Until recently the known methods of buttocks contouring required some form of surgical intervention. Today though, Aesthetic Dermatology offers the solution with the use of Hyaluronic Acid. The particular substance used in this method is slow-biodegradable and is absolutely safe for the body as it already exists in it and particularly in the skin at a 56% ratio. 


The particular treatment may last from 20 minutes to half an hour and the results are immediate. One of the positive aspects of the particular method is that it is not an invasive method, it is less costly than the costly that the classic contouring of the buttocks and no implanting takes place since the substance which is used is absorbed within about 2 years, when we can repeat the treatment.

Can breast augmentation be achieved without the use of scalpel? Of course it can!


The solution to this problem that tantalizes so many women has been given by Aesthetic Dermatology and it does not involve surgical intervention or permanent implants with the risk of infections or deformations. Breast augmentation with the use of Hyaluronic acid is the state of the art solution of Aesthetic Medicine as it allows us to apply this technique in the Surgery by an experienced Doctor within only 30 minutes. The process is very simple and is not considered painful as local anaesthetic is applied before treatment.


Hyaluronic Acid which is infused in the area absorbs water and multiplies its volume granting us with the results to fantasize on without the discomfort of surgery. Apart from augmenting the breast this method is ideal in cases of breast asymmetry.

Depilation is both a women and men concern. It is obvious in the last years that all the more people turn to the method of laser depilation.


The reason is simple, the results are permanent and in the long run, less costly. The modern devices used minimize pain offering the best possible result. Attention should be given that the device is actually in the position to produce a Laser beam and it is always applied by a Doctor.


Laser depilation can be performed on whichever area the individual wishes and the Doctor approves of, there is generally no particular restriction.

The body tightening treatments with the radio frequencies RF aim at body Liposculpture.


This is achieved with the aid of electromagnetic waves (radio frequencies) which transmit energy to the inner layers of the skin affecting fatty tissue and the lymphatic system. It concerns a treatment which can be held in a properly equipped surgery by a specialized and experienced doctor.


The treatment does not last long, does not require particular preparation before application, is considered painless, is extremely effective and the patient can resume his/her everyday routine immediately afterwards.


The major advantage of this method is that it not only dissolves fat which is trapped in the tissues but it also enhances the process of toxin removal, helps for better performance of metabolism and tones the basic elements (fibroblasts) which are involved in tightening of the skin.


Consequently through this method Liposculpture is not performed solely during treatment but the beneficiary consequences of this treatment carry on for many months after the end of their applications.

Cellulite and local fat is a concern mainly a concern of women to a great extent. Our way of life and dietary habits are the main reasons of the appearance of these imperfections on our bodies.


They can be dealt with by combinational therapies through methods requiring minimum time and processes which are now non invasive contrary to previous years.

The combinational therapy for Lipodialysis includes the use of special Laser devices, together with the use of injectable substances in specifically sequenced sessions and at specific time intervals for better results. The most important matter in this process is the proper evaluation of the condition by the doctor so as for the best ratio of Laser implementations and injections as well as the most proper material to be applied.


The greatest advantage of this combinational method of Lipodialysis is that it has developed to such a level that it allows the individual to return to his daily routine with no further complications.